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Alter ego

The story of Nebuchadnezzar is one of an encounter whose foundations traverse the limits of the tangible to reach the ethereal nature of perception. In 1997, in the wake of an overpowering cosmic force, one perfumer and two designers crossed paths, and joined forces to write an almanac dedicated to perfumes.

At first, inspiration was elusive as the three men experimented with digital tools and chemical formulas, but were unable to transform their determination into something tangible.

Equinoxes passed before they finally created something worthy of a great Verdi opera. The planets made a last final cosmic adjustment before aligning, much like they did in 600 BCE in the Mesopotamian sky.

A study of rare documents retracing the existence of the extraordinary Hanging Gardens of Babylon encouraged the team to do the obvious -- trade in their digital tools for traditional ones, such as those used by the initiates of the past. And so, the Vaisseau Nabucco (Nabucco vessel) was born. Enchanted, they drew inspiration from the architecture of the Hanging Gardens and created recipes for their fragrances using only essences of plants cultivated in the region of the famed Gardens, 25 centuries ago. The gates of creation opened, and the senses flowed freely: from this alchemy, Parfum Fin oil sprung forth.

Henceforth guided by a link between the two eras, the trio began to study an Egyptian engraving dating back to the worship of Isis and Osiris; the engraving revealed an Amulet. Following this discovery, the trio pictured what would symbolize the gateway between the mineral and plant worlds - the Djed for Parfum Fin.

All that remained was to surround themselves with the most skilled artisans, masters of their craft, to sketch designs on paper. This was a long quest, an adventure riddled with signs, during which the trio were introduced to perfumery, glasswork, metalwork, woodwork and textiles. There was one final thing missing. It came to the three men through their reflection in a piece of polished glass - the key to their discovery of the Doors of time.

The main concept has since been mastered and produced; so the unveiling can now begin. The cycle of time interspersed with the eternal inspiration of movement, represented by a legendary garden, completed its voyage during the 2013 spring equinox.

So, here we are today.