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LOV Parfum Fin

Gamma, Phi, Lambda : The secret revealed

Since the dawn of time, the secret remains the ideal vessel for happiness. Nabucco has slipped through to the other side of the looking glass, where women and men alike hide away what is most sacred between them. By observing and following rituals, we have captured the essence of this secret, which sparks closeness between beings to create Parfum Fin.  On a fine line that is as masculine as it is feminine, this olfactory opus breaks all rules of convergence and is adept at outwitting propriety.


The Vessel - 60ml -


By incorporating your Vaisseau Nabucco into your life, you enter a world where time slows down. You cross an invisible line connecting plant to mineral, and transform a seductive gesture into a ritual.
Created of crystal, its elegant angles and intense feel combine patience and eternity: before you release even a single drop, it enchants you. At the heart of the translucent vessel awaits your Parfum Fin. This concentrate of passion is within skin's reach. This is where your voyage begins.


The Door - 20ml -

The Temple is you.

Charge into the light hidden within this black enrobed vessel and find the key to your basic senses. Opening your Door means a one-way ticket to the heart of an olfactory mystery whose codes, like hieroglyphics, have been permanently etched inside antique pottery. Whatever your fantasy may be, the proportions of this slim, column-shaped piece will enchant you. Wherever you are, La Porte will gently protect the fragrance you have chosen to watch over your Temple.


The Amulet - 5ml -

Alchemical Jewel

Like a secret world in your pocket, the Nabucco Amulet was designed to discreetly accompany you during your travels. Whether exploring the world around you or the one inside of you, Nabucco's Amulet will gently guide you along a path of sensory pleasure with curves that please your spirit, an understated personality that lets you express your desires, a size that is perfect for travelling everywhere and, of course, the perfect dose of Fine Perfume for sustaining the magic of your presence any time. The energy of this amulet comes only from you.