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Each vessel is unique

In Art, it is customary to say that perfection comes from imperfection. At Nabucco, we also believe that an artist's wishes enter each of his or her movements, and this magical dance can lead to absolute creativity. It's all a question of the alchemy produced between the artist and the object. Each 60 ml Nabucco bottle comes from a solid block of crystal that was painstakingly worked on by an artist coaxing out curves and angles through meticulous carving and polishing. With each creation, the artist patiently draws out a unique geometric composition that incorporates a circle – the moon – into a square – the earth. The bottle culminates in a slightly sloped metallic crest - the sun. The ritual is unchanging and the shape is simple and discreet. To endow this object with quintessentially precious lustre and warmth, the metal parts are plated in chrome or gold. This makes it possible to pour the Parfum Fin into its vessel, delicately placed in its wooden box lined with sheets of paper. The purity of this hand-made Nabucco vessel, which is packaged in accordance with luxury perfume codes, is the most beautiful way to express the pure genius of the artist who created it. Wherever you put it at home, the Nabucco vessel attracts: between the polished metal, black glass and translucent crystal, it offers a novel tactile experience and a unique visual experience by combining precious materials and sensations.